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Almost got killed the other day

04 Jul,2012

Was coming home and got off on an exit ramp. The wonderful DOT has designed this so that the west and east bound exit ramps join together. And if you’re heading west and take the exit you have to cross two lanes to make a right turn — which about half the traffic wants.

I had been heading east on my motorcycle and got off on the ramp and was going to make a right when this stupid fat fucking cager got off and proceeded to just slice right over into my lane without looking at all. Didn’t even pay attention to the TWO 130Db horns I have on the bike.

I guess it was a good thing I was on my bike. If I’d been driving my truck the fugly bitch would’ve wound up taking the driver door and front fender out since I can’t brake as hard in that with it being heavier.

I’m now thinking of finding some way of mounting a puch or something and putting a couple of baseball sized rocks in it so I can chuck one at cagers like this one.

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